A Call to Action for Corporate Leaders:

The prohibition of federal funding for gun violence research since 1996 deterred the study of this critical public health epidemic.

Private funders can donate here to forward gun violence prevention research for corporate engagement in solving this authentically American epidemic.

Staggering gun violence statistics aside, there is a strong business case for ending gun violence:

Lead with purpose and value. A majority of Americans expect companies believe that corporations should take action to address issues facing society (81%) and even have a responsibility to do so (71%). Research shows that companies at the forefront of issues engagement are well-regarded and receive more benefits than companies that take a bandwagon approach.

Gun violence costs the American economy $229 billion every year. Direct costs include emergency services, law enforcement investigations, medical and mental health services, as well as legal fees and prison costs. While more difficult to measure, indirect costs include lost wages, loss of economic contributions from both victims and imprisoned perpetrators, loss of quality of life.

Gun violence is a racial justice issue. Black Americans are twice as likely as white Americans to die from gun violence and 14 times more likely than white Americans to be wounded. A documented 4,084 Black people were lynched in seventy-three years; 93,262 were shot dead in fourteen. Like lynching, gun violence is a racial justice issue.

Gun violence alone reduces the life expectancy of Black Americans by four years. And yet, the U.S. largely ignores the external, systemic factors driving inequality and violence in Black neighborhoods.

The majority of your employees are directly affected by gun violence, leading to mental health issues. There is a 99.9% chance that each of your employees' social networks contain a victim of gun violence. Vicarious exposure to gun violence is widespread, disproportionately experience by racial/ethnic minorities, and related to a higher prevalence of mental health issues.


HELP FUND CORPORATE GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION RESEARCH HERE! Donations made at the $500 level or above will receive an evidence-backed white paper focused on corporate engagement in gun violence prevention at the completion of this research.

Thank you for making a contribution to real societal change.

Melissa D. Dodd, Ph.D., APR