Services. All services are scaled based on need and budget. Average services range from $5,000 - $10,000.


Let's talk! An introductory consultation is always free.

What? is the issue/s my company should be considering?

Why? should my company engage (or not)?

Who? should speak to the issue, and to whom?

When? should my company engage?

How? can my company meaningfully engage?

In this consultation, I will assess your current needs and offer expert recommendations for moving forward. Questions may include:

  • What issues should I be preparing for?

  • Should I engage in this issue? Should I be prepared to engage in this issue?

  • What are the organizational opportunities and problems surrounding this issue?

  • How should I engage in this issue? What is the most effective strategy for communicating about this issue?

  • How do I engage in effective internal communication about this issue?

  • How do I engage in "courageous conversations" about this issue?

  • Who should speak about this issue? To whom should they speak and via which media?

  • What happens if I don't engage with this issue?

  • What positive or negative outcomes will be realized for my company?

  • What positive or negative outcomes will be realized for the issue?

  • How do I become a transformative issue leader?

  • How do I build trust and relationships with stakeholders surrounding this issue?

Research and Recommendations

This is the core service offered by WOKE. Following consultation, primary research is conducted according to client needs and budget. I am a skilled mixed methodologist (i.e., quantitative and qualitative measures).

Nationally representative samples and advanced causal statistical analyses are conducted using my Corporate Issues Engagement Measure (CIEM) and other valid measures identified by the consultant, as applicable. Results are reported and interpreted, and recommendations are made accordingly.

A presentation of major findings and recommendations to organizational leadership is included.

Limited Commercial License

The five-factor ​Corporate Issues Engagement Measure (CIEM) is available for limited commercial license per the number of individuals to be assessed. Contact me for additional details and pricing.


My research and expertise spans a wide variety of areas to include effective leadership communication, assessment of intangible assets (i.e., social capital), mediated communication (e.g, social media), stakeholder issues engagement (e.g., active, latent stakeholders), traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR), activist social movement organization (SMOs) behaviors, and so on.

How can I help your company succeed in the issues arena?

Academic Research and Nonprofits

Academic researchers may contact me directly for use of the five-factor Corporate Issues Engagement Measure (CIEM).

Nonprofit organizations may be interested in my research surrounding corporate-non-profit partnerships for issues engagement. Please contact me to learn more.